New Lambton Bunker

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Residential Additions - A bunker for kids to play

The directive for this endeavour was to enhance a modest 3-bedroom cottage nestled in New Lambton, all while adhering to a budgetary framework and amplifying its integration with the surrounding verdant expanse.

In pursuit of this objective, we undertook the preservation of the existing architectural footprint, strategically reconfiguring its layout to accommodate the bedrooms, while ingeniously introducing a novel open-plan living area that seamlessly connects via a distinctive "bridge". This methodological approach not only mitigated the need for extensive demolition and minimized waste but also facilitated the allocation of ample space for the supplementary living quarters. The culmination? A versatile, north-facing living environment boasting panoramic garden vistas, thus elevating the functional utility of the entire domicile.

The delineation of spaces within the interior is artfully delineated through the craftsmanship of the brickwork, serving not only as a structural element but also as a visual guidepost directing occupants and visitors towards the inviting outdoor realms. Furthermore, mindful of the dynamic lifestyle of our clients—comprising a trio of energetic young boys—the project incorporates elements of durability and safety. Curvilinear accents within the brickwork, coupled with the implementation of polished slabs, serve to minimize the reliance on softer materials such as plasterboard, pine skirtings, and cladding. Consequently, while the prospect of impromptu living room escapades on two wheels by the youngsters remains a possibility, the structural integrity is designed to withstand such spirited activities, mitigating potential damage and fostering a harmonious coexistence between form and function.

This project is a prototype for the following questions:

  • How can common bricks be used differently?
  • How can the architecture encourage movement?
  • How can a kitchen become an outdoor kitchen?
  • Robustness, durability, low maintenance?

New Lambton Bunker

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