Beryl Residence

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New Residence - Block a view to make a view, is our view on this project

Nestled in Warners Bay, with a commanding view of Lake Macquarie, lies our client's property—a newly constructed home that seamlessly blends affordability with functionality. Designed to simplify daily life while offering ample space for entertaining and socialising, it also accommodates the needs of visiting family members and guests, ensuring their comfort within a separate, private pod.

In collaboration with Habitat Lab, we embarked on a design journey to craft a residence that not only harmonizes with its surroundings but also maximizes the breathtaking vistas. Our aim was to create a sanctuary that balances openness with seclusion, catering to the ebb and flow of occupants.

Situated slightly elevated from neighboring residences, the challenge was to capitalize on the panoramic views without compromising privacy or energy efficiency. Through meticulous site analysis and testing, we strategically positioned the guest wing and main living areas, leveraging the unique topography. Surprisingly, the solution lay in the placement of the double car garage, strategically positioned at the forefront of the property. By orienting the garage towards the view and transforming its roof into a panoramic viewing deck and rooftop garden, we not only shielded the property from prying eyes but also enhanced its allure as a tranquil retreat overlooking the serene expanse of Lake Macquarie.

Double curved walls are proposed to further channel views and guide the clients around the floor plan. While cost effective materials were proposed, we tested the use of terracotta tiles on the facade to add to street appeal with a nod to many terracotta roofs in the area.

This project is a prototype for the following questions:

  • How do we maximise views in a private manner?
  • How can floor levels enhance aspects?
  • How can floor levels maximise use of site and space?
  • Can a house be 2 separate pods an yet function as one?

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