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We are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate designers, interested in creating thoughtful architecture. If you want to add to your community and enhance their individual lives give us a call and we can pursue this together...

Our projects are diverse, because our clients are diverse.

We treat each project as an opportunity to start designing from first principles, focusing on the site conditions (inclusive of planning and environmental requirements), operational requirements, and brief. We are always questioning; what are the opportunities? What will stimulate innovation? Are we solving the problem with clarity and simplicity? Will it work? 

nic potts

B.Teach(Sec)/B.Tech, B.Des(Arch), M.Arch (Dist)

Project Architect - (ARBN 12325)


tom mcfayden

B.Des.Architecture (Dist)


Puppy Pre-School (Pass)

Studio Pooch


A room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, designer, etc. works.

"mostly the painting is done in the studio, working from drawings"

We argue the studio working on your project goes much further than just our office.

The primary studio members are us, the client (you) and the head contractor (builder). These three members must share parallel values and aspirations to one another - we get this right, the rest will follow.

The team extends further with various secondary consultants, certifying authorities, planning bodies and sub-contractors. All working towards a clear construction system and to ensure the proposed architecture will have a positive impact on the social, environmental and economic context of the place.


Discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly, or, a discovery and to identify something of value, typically something of interest.

"we made the most spectacular finds in the Valley of the Kings”

Unfortunately, we are not geniuses - we can not look at your project, do a quick napkin sketch and call it a day...

We must enter into a process of iterative design exploration through various creative mediums. In general, we test multiple ideas through many; drawings, models, discussions, studies, diagrams - which will enable us to present our findings (the architecture).

Internal of the circle is the project itself - the site and its constraints, the project brief, the drawings and designs explored etc. Through the external connections such as our previous experiences, other collaborators or prior design ideas, we pull these resources into your project to enable a thoughtful and solid design proposition.


A person who is qualified to design buildings and to plan and supervise their construction.

“an architect takes into consideration all of the constraints"

As architects, clients, builders we have a great impact on our environments, both, ecologically and socially. An option is to use this power to create a nightmare, or, we can use it to have a positive influence.

Our goal is to obviously achieve the latter.

Architecture is essentially pure fiction, and, after all the hard work, approvals, certifications, drawings, budgeting and of course construction - the architecture becomes concrete reality.

We partner with clients and collaborators who want to achieve excellence and who have parallel values andaspirations for the built environment.


Level 1/152/160 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300