Leporte Residence

Under Construction

Residential New Build - A simple gable sitting a top the hill

A new home built on a difficult site that is steep, bushfire-prone, and oddly shaped was a challenge. What also came with this site was a small clearing on a hill that overlooked many tree canopies and a soon-to-be-tiered garden landscaping.

A steep gable is proposed to reflect the site and the client's vision for a modern farm-style residence. The vaulted roof runs through into the living and dining space with large exposed Blackbutt trusses. Facing northwest, a large awning roof (similar to the olden-day farmhouse) wraps around the glazing to shade the home and offer an extension to the inside. Again, Blackbutt is used inside and out for all exposed timber, which is contrasted by the dark cladding and lower brick nib walls.

Behind the aesthetic of this property is a thoroughly considered building design regarding its thermal properties, ventilation measures, solar control building wrapping/sealing throughout. In basic terms, no moisture should enter the building, the heat gain from outside is considered, and the building is designed and built to perform very efficiently and economically. We look forward to sharing more.

This project was a prototype for the following questions:

  • How can a building be healthy?
  • How can we use natural elements to heat/cool the building?
  • How can we ventilate the property without mechanics?
  • When wrapping a building, what needs to be thought of in advance?


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