Fletcher Pavilion

Under Construction - Near Completion

Outdoor Pavilion - Is it a church? Is it a shed? Is it a cafe? - No - Its just a structure to gather with friends and cook pizza...

But its detailed, considered and not your average patio bbq space. A portal frame construction that is infilled with fairly standard materiality - fibre cement sheeting and weatherboards. These material wrap the structure seamlessly and avoids messy junctions, flashings and gutterings through concealing and re-thinking how these may be done. The structure protrudes through the linings to express its lightweight and portal construction.

The steel brackets ground the structure on concrete pads, these pads will eventually be landscaped over to make this pavilion even more light weight, like its floating in our clients yard. Keeping framing and lining free from the ground improves longevity in our building and reduces maintenance and the potential for decay.

This project is a prototype for the following questions:

  • Can we avoid standard patio out-spaces?
  • How can a wall become a roof?
  • How can gutters be underground?
  • How can we build a structure that is above ground with minimal connection?

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Fletcher Pavilion

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