George’s Place

Completed 2024

Residential Alterations - A light filled extension retaining the 'Hudson Home' heritage and expanding the clients home for their expanding family...

Positioned to the rear of the property, this extension is invisible from the street. The existing style home is retained to avoid cost blow out, be in-keeping with the local context and minimise waste in demolition. The clients brief questioned how a better connection to the outdoors could be achieved. Can we avoid removing too much of the existing property and allow the extension to be a simple extension of the families living and kitchen zones. A strong push for natural light that is controlled and utilised all year round became a key focus during our briefing conversations. Our clients wanted an extension that internally connects old and new seamlessly, as well, could the outdoor spaces be connected in a similar seamless transition?

An entry room was designed to be a low roof space for kicking off boots, hanging your coat, dumping your keys and moving onto to the remaining home. This roof is as low as possible to ensure the existing hip roof is retained and un-disturbed. Once you move past the entry way the ceiling is again expanded into the kitchen and living rooms. Brick pavers run from the outside into these entry ways to blur the inside with the outside. Similarly, the ceiling lining from the outdoor soffit runs through into the interior. This creates the 'bulkhead' for the extensions services and curtain tracks.

The parapet and eaves extend out past the glazing line in order to enhance shading and maximise winter solar gain. As the extension is to face north west, adding the 'wings' to the facade further aids in diffusing sunlight in order to control the solar gain and take advantage of the thermal mass of the brick pavers and polished slab floor.

This project is a prototype for the following questions:

  • Can an extension merge with and existing dwelling seamlessly?
  • Do we make it obvious what is old and what is new?
  • How can the indoors bleed to the outdoors / Outdoors flow inside?
  • How can interiors be robust and warm?
  • How can we control daylight?

Fletcher Pavilion

George’s Place

Elizabeth Residence


Level 1/152/160 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300