Svitzer Tug-Boat Simulator

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Commercial - "Newcastle harbour simulator to train next generation of tug boat masters" (Herald 2024)

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Svitzer are a global company that innovate and coordinate maritime services, becoming one of the leading tug boat operators in the world. Their success around the world and in particular the Port of Newcastle is a testament to their ongoing investment in education, innovation and technology. We have been lucky enough to tap into this energy and innovation as the selected architects for their 'Tug Boat Simulator Project'.

Working with the simulator requirements supplied by Kongsberg Norway - we designed and are delivering the construction of a new training facility for our future tug masters.

The design is simple in how it is conducted, we took inspiration from the tugs themselves and the existing buildings to shape the curve in the roof and articulate the facade. The building has its own 'hull' in an off red colour that acts as a nod to the tugs. As you enter to the operations and simulator a screen and structure above welcomes you with the names of all the tug boats. This project is projected to be completed in Winter 2024.

This project is a prototype for the following questions:

  • How do we design for a company?
  • What values of a company can be translated into the architecture?
  • Can a building represent its use?
  • Can a building represent a machine?
  • How can a facility requirements inform the architecture?

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Svitzer Tug-Boat Simulator

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