Hall House

Stage 1 Completed_Stage 2 Under Construction

Residential Alteration - Leave the tree in the middle of the house please...

This project is about extending a small cottage for a growing family in the first instance. To being a challenge to the construction industry with how we up-cycle and re-use construction material waste.

Stage 1 has been a taste of what is to come for this project, using windows from another recently demolished project, recycled hardwood structure and cladding along with recycled brickwork. This stage is an extension for a guest wing and carport to the front of the property. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) lines the interior - a material used for bracing usually now becomes the warmth and tactility of this home.

Stage 2 is underway, where the bedroom wing extends down to the yard bending around the large existing iron bark tree. A cluster of windows and openings along the corridor creates a foyer that can be seemingly outdoors when desired. Inside the foyer you will find parent and kids rooms with views to surrounding trees and access to the yard beyond. We look forward to the nearing completion of this project.

This project was a prototype for the following questions:

  • What can be re-used from construction waste?
  • How can we better recycle during demolition
  • How can we design with materials already on site?
  • Can we build around an existing tree?

Elizabeth Residence

George’s Place

Leporte Residence


Level 1/152/160 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300