Copacabana Tree House

Under Construction

Residential New Build - A floating house in the trees...

Our clients engaged us to design and deliver a home for their family that is a simple new home sitting on their vacant site. Initially our clients have received a design for project home for this site, after investigating these plans it was apparent no consideration for the site or its users occurred and that there were too many errors in this design that we must go back to first principals. On a sloping site facing north west and  overlooking a nature reserve in Copacabana, NSW, we quickly became very fond of the potential of this property.

With a conservative budget, we designed the home to be lifted up as the site sloped away to avoid any excavation, building predominantly to the top flat portion of the site. A grid structure is proposed to cantilever past the home to uphold the deck and awning beyond. Creating a light weight structure overlooking the trees and hills beyond.

A large patio deck and awning along the north-western facade created an additional space to enjoy the site as well as protection from the Australian summers - This has been done many times in the past - think of the old farm houses with a porch wrapping around it or those old western bullnose awnings. In our opinion its simple architecture that at times can be forgotten.

We look forward to sharing the progression of this home.

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